Commercial Applications for Propane

Propane is a versatile fuel source, and it’s a popular option for residential and commercial applications. You can use propane to heat your school or hospital, fuel up your fleet of commercial vehicles, or power your backup generator in case of a power outage. Here’s a closer look at some of the commercial applications for […]

Answering Questions About Propane Safety

Propane is considered a safer form of fuel as compared to many of its alternatives, not only for the people who handle it, but also for the environment. In order to stay safe while working with propane, however, you do need to know what kinds of problems to anticipate and how to handle them if […]

Tips for Selecting Your New Propane Grill

Switching to a propane grill is advantageous for many reasons, but you still need to make sure you choose the right appliance. Look at your options and choose an appropriately sized grill with enough burners, and make sure it handles heat distribution properly. Read ahead for tips for selecting your new propane grill. Choose the […]

Heating Your Home with Propane

You need to heat your home somehow, and more and more people are recognizing the advantages of using propane. Propane offers several benefits over other heat sources, and you can have it delivered to your house. Just remember to store your propane safely and maintain your appliances, and read on for more advice on heating […]

Why Should You Choose Propane to Heat Your Cabin?

The cabin lifestyle keeps you close to nature and close to your family, but you need to figure out how to stay comfortable when the weather gets colder. Propane is an efficient, convenient, and safe choice for your fuel source. Read on and learn why you should choose propane to heat your cabin. Boost Your […]

Troubleshooting Your Propane Stove

Propane is economical and efficient, but your propane appliances are still vulnerable to malfunctions. If you notice your propane stove leaking or running low on fuel, or if you detect blockages, you’ll need to act as soon as you can. If you’re having problems with your propane stove, continue reading for some troubleshooting tips. Leaking […]

Which of Our Services Will Best Help You?

The best propane company is one that will meet all your needs, not just some of them. At Barnett’s Propane, we’re confident that we can exceed your expectations and give you the best experience possible. We can help with propane delivery and tank maintenance, and we offer multiple bottle fill locations. Read ahead and find […]

Ways to Stay Safe on Your Next Camping Trip

Safety comes first, and preparation can make all the difference. If you’re planning on taking a camping trip with friends and family, keep checking the weather forecast beforehand. Get an emergency kit together in case you run into trouble, and use propane as your fuel source. Keep reading to see how these steps can keep […]

Separating Truth From Fiction When It Comes to Propane

If you are looking for an eco friendly fuel source that is also safe and affordable, you may want to make the switch to propane. Propane can be used to power your cooking appliances, heating equipment, and many other systems around your home or office. Consumers who are new to using propane should educate themselves […]

How to Teach Children About Propane with Propane Kids

Propane is widely regarded as being among the safest types of fuel that you can use in the home. However, in the rare event that one of your propane tanks springs a leak, you will need to evacuate your family to safety. If you are a parent, consider teaching your kids about propane safety using […]